What is the MetroBoston DataCommon?

The MetroBoston DataCommon is an interactive data portal and online mapping tool that provides a wealth of information about the region’s people, communities and neighborhoods through a wide variety of topics -- from arts and education to the environment and transportation. A resource for all those seeking to understand how the region is changing, it helps residents, stakeholders, planners, city and town officials, educators and journalists explore options and make informed decisions. We invite you to explore its data, community snapshots, and maps, sign up for training and create your own visualizations and reports. Metro Boston Data Common is co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and the Boston Indicators Project at the Boston Foundation.

Many of the features on this website are powered by WEAVE (Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment), a web-based open source data visualization software developed by faculty and students at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell in partnership with the Open Indicators Consortium (OIC), whose goal is to transform publically available data into visually compelling and actionable indicators to inform public policy and community-based decision makers. Weave allows users to explore, analyze, visualize and disseminate data online. To learn more about WEAVE, please visit www.oicweave.org.

Invitation to Become an Affiliate

The MetroBoston DataCommon collaborates with community-based and nonprofit organizations through its affiliates program. The Affiliates program tailors the DataCommon site to an organization’s mission through co-branding and data-sharing. Scaled to the resources of the collaboration, affiliate sites can be customized with data and visualizations targeted to a specific topic, audience, or geographic location. For more information, please contact Holly St.Clair via email hstclair@mapc.org or phone (617) 451-2770 x 2014.

Current DataCommon Affiliates include:

  • Chinatown DataCommon, Asian Community Development Corporation
  • Mystic River DataCommon, Mystic River Watershed Association
  • Somerville DataCommon, Somerville Community Corporation

Contributing Data and Maps

You can contribute your data for inclusion in the MetroBoston Datacommon. Please consult our Data Formatting Guide if you would like to contribute and publish data on the MetroBoston DataCommon.

Data Disclaimer

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